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About Us

AEserver opened it doors back in 2005. It is a UAE based start up that was launched by it’s current owner from a bedroom and with a strong vision to transform the definition of domain name registration and web hosting industry in the UAE.

Little did the owner know about the future of UAE and Dubai specifically. During the period of 2005-2008, Dubai witnessed a construction boom, with numerous firms settling here and starting their business. They all needed to register their national domain name, the dot AE as well as host the website and offer email access to their employees. This is were AEserver has gained it’s value.

Back in the days, an individual or entity that required a domain name, had to go through the paperwork and strict regulations to obtain a domain name through the back then monopolist registrar: UAEnic(etisalat). AEserver acted as a middle man between the registrants and the authority, to register, renew and manage the domain names.

In 2007, the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) has decided to develop a new body, called the .ae domain administration (aeDA) – the registry which would act as the sole licensing authority to accredited the future .ae registrars that would become independent companies that would use their own skills, marketing and funds to further develop and attract potential users to the .AE name space.

AEserver immediately looked for partnership and investment in order to be eligible to work in the new regime and then joined forces with a local media pioneer: Engage LLC. Within this joint venture, both the companies quickly rebranded the company, hired specialized team in order to develop and test the infrastructure and gain the accreditation.

With great excitement and success, AEserver reopened on Day One, 03/August/2008 as a fully accredited .ae registrar to offer online registration of .ae domain names to all the users of the Internet, irrespective of their geography or legal status.

Today, AEserver serves more than 5000 local and international business from all industries and vertical markets. We register and host some of the biggest names in the industry like Fly Dubai, SAIF Zone, American Univeristy of Sharjah, ITP Digital to name a few.

We host real estate companies, online shops, company websites and intranets, personal websites… you name it!

Our Corporate Philosophy

AEserver is committed to “providing the best online services, online!”

We believe in technology, which is why we have setup our internal policy to make the utmost use of the technology and the web and we run our business 100% online. There is no paperwork and contracts whatsoever. You can order online and be online within seconds.

Most of our services can be ordered online (including domain registration, email and web hosting, SSL Certificates, etc) and they are activated instantly after a successful online payment. For customers who wish to pay offline, we offer the convenience of cash payment and any of the 750+ Emirates NBD branches-ATMs 24/7.

The customers will also be able to manage their services, request support and view their billing details from within the MYaeserver dashboard.

The Team

AEserver is run and managed by its founding members from the early days.

Our team consists of young and energetic talent from the top local universities and various backgrounds.

Most of our operations and routine work is done by our smart internal system. On the other hand, our staff handles the daily routine, marketing and technical support for all our clients in house.

The Future

AEserver is currently in the process of becoming accredited for various other national domain names, including the national domain name of the home of FIFA 2022, the State of Qatar (.QA Domains).

AEserver currently offers more than 45 domain extensions in different countries and the list is expanding depending on the demand and requests from our customers.

Please feel free to use the contact us section of this website to leave a note to our management.